A freshly painted house elevates its appearance and improves its longevity. However, if done improperly, it may result in an uneven surface with bubbles, peels or cracks. Paint may bubble, peel or crack for several reasons, if:

  • It is applied on a dirty, hot (above 90 degrees), cold (below 50 degrees) or damp surface.
  • An oil-based paint is applied over a latex paint.
  • The surface is not prepared before painting.
  • The paint is exposed to moisture soon after it dries.
  • It is applied on a humid day.
  • The painting is done on a surface in a humid environment.
  • The paint is not chemically compatible, i.e., oil-based paint on galvanized metal.

There are many reasons why paint cracks, bubbles or peels, including:

  • Low quality paint is used.
  • An oil-based paint is applied over latex paint.
  • The paint is spread too thin.
  • The paint dries too fast.
  • The additional coats are applied before the previous ones have dried completely.
  • The surface isn’t prepared.
  • The paint is old.
  • The surface to be painted is dirty.

An Easy Way to Prevent Paint Bubbles, Peels or Cracks

Although some people may think that house painting is a DIY project, it needs skilled and expert hands to produce a finely finished and long-lasting result. Therefore, the best course of action is to hire a professional if you are planning on painting your house. An experienced professional will make sure that the surface is well-prepared before painting it. They will choose the best quality paint and will know all the house painting techniques that prevent paint bubbles, peels or cracks.

Do You Need Professional Help? Contact Ed’s Painting & Construction

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