Do you have a dark corner or a room that lacks natural light? While it might seem like a good idea to choose the brightest white you can find, there may be a better option.

White makes a space appear brighter because it reflects natural light. However, when there is not enough natural light, white will not make a space appear larger. There are others colors that can help make your room look brighter and bigger.

Lavender:Lavender has warm tones which make it great for adding some brightness to a dark room. The best part about this paint color is that it has a wide range of shades to suit everyone’s taste including soft dusky tones and purple-based taupes. For a fun look, pair with pastels or match it with a simple neutral such as gray. You can also pair it with white for a more sophisticated look.

Sunny Yellow:Yellow is a great way to add brightness to artificial light, making a room or corner look bigger. It works wonderfully for bedrooms or bathrooms with smaller windows. Yellow also pairs well with white accents and light wood details to add more warmth to a darker space.

Powder Blue:Light blue helps to bring brightness to a space, especially when paired with simple white accents. It is ideal for a bathroom or any dark corner of your home.

Orange:Orange shades like pumpkin, tangerine or apricot add warmth. They work best in a darker kitchen or dining room. When paired with a darker wood, a sleek and sophisticated look is created.

Soft Gray: Gray may seem to be a boring color. However, depending on the shade you choose, it can brighten up a room. Soft tones like dove gray or greige, a mix of gray and beige, not only brighten up a room but also make the room appear larger.

Pink:Pink instantly brightens up any space and adds a lot of personality. Softer shades such as pastels or rose tones add a new dimension and brighten up a room. However, stronger shades might not work the same and may make a room appear smaller.

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