Maintain a Wooden Deck

A deck is like an outdoor paradise. Unfortunately, a wooden deck is vulnerable to the elements of nature all year round. Even though the wood has been pressure treated, regular maintenance is essential to keep it looking new and to prevent it from needing expensive repairs.

Clean the Deck

Cleaning the deck thoroughly is necessary. All the leaves and other debris need to be swept away. A putty knife can be used to remove dirt and debris from between the boards.

Deck cleaners are available to ease the job of cleaning the deck. Following the manufacturer’s directions is important. Using a pump garden sprayer is helpful in applying the cleaner throughout the deck. Apply the deck cleaner on the surface of the deck and the railing and allow it to sit for some time.

Wash the Deck

After the deck cleaner has been allowed to sit for some time, use a pressure washer to wash it down. The concentrated blast of water will rinse the dirt off the deck. It is important to remember not to focus the water in one spot for too long. This can damage the wood. The deck scrubber attachment on the nozzle of the washer makes cleaning large areas easier.

Repair any Damages to the Deck

Pound any protruding screws into the wood, if necessary replacing them with deck screws might be a better option. Replace or repair deteriorated wood.

Apply a Preservative or Stain

Using a roller or a brush or a pump sprayer, apply the preservative or stain on the wood. Preservatives have a UV protector that protects it from the natural elements. To give the deck a clear finish, use clear wood preservatives. To add color to the deck, an exterior stain will do the job.

Got a Question? You Can Call Us!

Owning a deck is a worthwhile investment. Ed’s Painting & Construction provides safe deck construction services, from an initial consultation to design to completion.

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