Painting your ceiling properly is important to create an impressive room. This adds to the beauty of the room and provides a refreshing look. The ceiling is just as important as the walls. Pay attention when painting the ceiling so it is as neat as possible.

Ceiling Painting Tips

  1. Choose the best color. White is preferred because it goes well with any color. However, you can also paint the ceiling to match the walls.
  2. You can highlight the architectural features of the ceiling by using dark colors.
  3. Painting the entire ceiling with a single color can cover imperfections.
  4. Remove old paint before painting the ceiling.
  5. Cover the floor, and remove or cover furniture.
  6. Begin by painting a cut-in line on the ceiling which is a 2- to 3-inch strip where the ceiling meets the wall. Paint the entire part with a roller or paint brush and let dry before applying the second coat.
  7. Prime the ceiling before painting if you don’t want to paint it twice.

Interior House Painting Services Spring Valley, NY

Interior painting is not easy, especially when painting the ceiling. Interior painting services can make the task much easier. Contact Ed’s Painting Plus when you need to paint your walls and ceiling. Call 201-582-6663 . We can help you make the best choices for your home.

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