Are you bored with your home’s paint color? Hire professional paintersProfessional painters use special tools and techniques to make your home look new and attractive.

Important tips and techniques used by painting professionals:

  • Sanding Flaws: To have a perfectly painted wall you have to have a smooth surface. Professionals fill all the holes and deficits with a joint-compound patching product. Once these areas become dry, they sand away all the surface flaws, nail holes, scores, scratches, and chips with sand paper.
  • A Professional Applies Painter’s tape with pressure: Before the painter begins painter’s tape is applied appropriately along the walls and ceiling edges. To ensure that the paint does not bleed through the tape pressure must be applied to the tape.

Use Primer before Paint: Before painting a wall, professionals use a primer which is close to the color of the finishing paint. This ensures better adhesion of paint to the walls and also increases paint durability.

  • Professionals Mix the Color in a Single Bucket: To avoid different color tones on the same wall professionals pour all paint into a single bucket to achieve consistent results.
  • Add Paint Conditioner: Professionals add paint extender or paint conditioner to paint. This slows down the drying process of the paint causing a longer window of time to overlap just-painted areas without getting lap marks, which occur when you paint over dried paint.

House Painting Services by Ed’s Painting & Const.

If you are looking for professional house painting services, contact Eds Painting & Construction. We work hard to ensure all surfaces are covered and evenly painted. We work closely with you or in collaboration with your architect or interior designer to get the right look. We’re experts at cleanliness and clean-up, from using freshly laundered drop covers to masking off doorways to actively cleaning up while we work.

Our service areas include, Rockland County; Pomona, Spring Valley, Nyack, and Nanuet, in New York and Bergen County; Paramus, Saddle River, Upper Saddle River, Old Tappan, Franklin Lakes, Cresskill and Englewood in New Jersey. For a free consultation or free estimate, call us at 201-582-6663.

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