Interior color scheme

  1. Tips from professional house painters at Ed’s Painting & Construction
  2. A fresh coat of paint can transform the look and feel of any room. It is an affordable way of updating your house interior. However, choosing the right color scheme and balancing between the colors can be tricky. It requires careful consideration and proper planning. When choosing an interior color scheme, ask yourself the following questions.

  3. What feeling do I want to evoke?
  4. Paint colors can evoke different moods. Some people prefer a calm and serene feel, while others prefer more vibrant tones of colors. If you want to create a serene and calming space, choose soothing tones such as soft lavenders, light blue-grays, and monochromatic neutrals.
    For a more dynamic space, use high-contrast colors, or shades. Colors that are opposite to each other on a color wheel create a lively and more energetic feel, such as blue and orange; yellow and purple; and red and green. However, high-contrast colors should be well-matched to create balance.

  5. What the room will be used for?
  6. Is the room meant for relaxing, being creative, or sleeping? Whatever the purpose, the paint colors you choose will have an impact on these activities. For example, choosing calming colors for a sleeping room can be key to a good night’s sleep. Cool and softer colors can be used to create a relaxing atmosphere, a retreat from daily chaos.

  7. Is there natural light in the room?
  8. Depending on the amount of natural light, choose a color scheme that can enhance the room. Contrary to logic, light colors don’t brighten dark rooms. Instead, it causes the room to appear dull and cold. Dark or rich, saturated shades can make the space more cozy.
    If you have a bright and sunny room, choose cool colors for a cooling effect. Pale hues, mid-tones, and darker grays. Warm accents also work well.

  9. What are the existing room elements?
  10. When choosing a color scheme, it’s important to consider the paint color in relation to other surfaces such as brick, countertops, fixtures, trim, flooring as well as furniture, fabrics, and accessories. Be sure to create a good balance between the paint colors and existing room elements

  11. What kind of finish do I need?
  12. Find out about the properties of different finishes, and the type that works well in the room you plan to paint. The kind of finish used (eggshell, flat, semi-gloss, etc.) depends on the texture of the walls, whether you want it to absorb or reflect light, and how often you plan to clean the surface.

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