House painting

Berry-inspired color palettes such as strawberry red, raspberry, pink and blueberry bring a cheerful feel to interior spaces. The best part about this color trend is that it is extremely versatile. While you can select a bright red to make a striking style statement, you can also choose a softer raspberry hue to provide added warmth to a more subtle aesthetic.


This color is more sophisticated than its brighter pastel counterpart. The quiet blue-green trend promotes a calm and grounded feeling which evokes positive feelings and can works wonders for your bedroom. It is also neutral enough to quietly enhance almost any room where it is used.


Gray shades and tones enhance homes. Whether your preference is a stony purple-gray or a cool blue-gray, you will be incorporating one of the trendiest hues around. This color is refreshing and perfect for many furniture and décor styles.


Yellow shades brighten up your space. Try pairing this color with other trendy hues. A combination of black and goldenrod make a strong and enviable statement.


This contemporary style color can be integrated into any aesthetic and brings with it a sense of peace and sophistication.

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