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Exterior house painting is hard work. Proper preparation is vital to ensure an exterior paint job that will last. Hiring professional painters will ensure that the prep work is done accurately so that the end result is the highest quality possible. Here are the three major aspects of prep work that are a must for a good quality exterior house painting project:

  1. Cleaning: One of the most important aspects of prep work is cleaning. The exterior of the home collects all kinds of dirt, grime and even moss. When the painting is done on a surface that is unclean, it is ultimately going to be a waste of time and hard work as the finished paint job will not have a refined finish.
  2. Sanding and Filling: Sanding and filling are particularly important if you are getting the exterior walls repainted. Sanding and filling are important in evening out the wall surface.
  3. Priming: Priming is highly recommended for all paint jobs. It is especially important if the exterior is to be painted for the first time or if you are going with a new color. Some outdoor surfaces, such as wood, can provide the level of adhesion required for the paint to spread evenly. However, if painting is done without primer, the paint can have a patchy finish.

If you need a reliable exterior house painting company, Ed’s Painting & Construction is right here. Our exterior house painting contractors are experienced and professional. Our paint jobs are made to last and done with the highest quality materials available. To contact our exterior house painting contractors, call 201-582-6663 or 845-213-3188 or email info@edspaintingconst.com.

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