The Right Commercial Paint Finishes for Walls

Owning a commercial property is challenging. It requires regular upkeep and maintenance. As an owner of the property, you want to keep it looking great. However, with time, the walls tend to look old and unappealing. Paint finish can play an important role in keeping the walls looking great. The glossier the finish of the paint, the more durable it will be. The following are some tips from commercial house painting contractors at Ed’s Painting & Construction to help you reduce the time and money involved in choosing the right commercial paint finish for your walls.

Semi-Gloss and Satin

These kind of finishes are less shiny than full-on gloss paint. When it comes to splatter and stains, semi-gloss finishes will hold up a little better than satin. However, the satin finish can give a softer finish to your walls. Both the paint types can withstand washing but intense scrubbing may wear down the finish. Stairwells, entrances, and trims may benefit from semi-gloss and satin finishes.

Matte or Flat

These type of finishes are great for light use areas or walls that have imperfections. The matte finish has a slightly higher gloss component than a flat finish. For areas that need a warm, distraction-free finish such as a boardroom or conference room, a flat finish is recommended.

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