Interior house painting

Interior painting is a sure way to improve and refresh your house. However, a successful painting job requires proper preparation. Lack of preparation can result in an uneven paint appearance, cracking, peeling, paint spatter or missed spots, and results in wasted time, resources and money. Hiring professional painting contractors ensure that the painting job is well executed. The process of Interior house painting involves a number of steps:

  1. The set-up
  2. Before beginning, the space to be painted should be cleared completely. Remove all wall hangings or other valuables from the room. Move your furniture to the center of the room and cover it completely. Use a drop cloth to protect the floor while painting. Avoid placing paint brushes, paint buckets or paint trays on bare floors or on other bare surfaces.

  3. Surface preparation
  4. Holes and cracks in ceilings and walls should be filled, sealed and sanded. If the wall surface is dusty, dirty or oily, it should be cleaned to assure smooth and better painting results.

  5. Protection of the trim, windows and doorframes
  6. Use ‘Painter’s Tape’ to protect the trim, windows and door frames. To prevent the paint from peeling, the tape should be removed immediately after painting.

  7. Priming
  8. Priming before painting is essential because it ensures a proper adhesion of the paint to the surface. It helps to maximize the sheen and coverage of paint, and gives the finished coat a more uniform appearance. Apply primer and allow it to dry at least one day before applying the paint.

  9. Painting
  10. Once the primer is completely dry, apply quality paint, starting with the ceiling and working your way down. Paint the same sections at least twice, using the right amount of paint. Imperfections should be unnoticeable after the priming and first coat of paint.

  11. Painting of the trim, windows and doorframes
  12. When the wall or ceiling paint dries, apply tape to the edges of the walls and the floor, leaving the trim, door and window frames exposed. Paint the top and bottom of the edges using the tip of your brush, and cover the space in between with long brush strokes.

  13. The clean-up

Remove all the painting materials and vacuum the floors and carpets. The furniture and accessories can be moved back to their desired location.

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