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If you are thinking of having the interior of your house painted, you want the result to be beautiful and long-lasting. However, all paint jobs do not look the same. The difference lies in the quality of the paint, the craftsmanship and the attention to detail that was involved in the process. What is the key to a beautiful and long-lasting interior paint job? Below are some key elements that make an interior house painting job beautiful and long-lasting:

Preparing the surface for painting: This is one of the most important factors in ensuring a beautiful and long-lasting paint job. All painting jobs at Ed’s Painting & Construction start with a thorough surface preparation that includes:

  • Patching and repairs
  • Gentle sanding
  • Thorough dusting and cleaning
  • Priming, if necessary

The quality of paint: Investing in a premium brand can make a big difference as the painting work begins. Quality paints may result in an easier and smoother application, better color retention, longevity, increased durability and protection for the surface.
The use of correct sheens: Sheen refers to a paint’s glossiness. Satin or matte are better for ceilings but they are not very durable. An eggshell or semi-gloss works well on walls. Glossier and durable paints are best for surfaces that are prone to the most wear and tear.
Careful color selection: If you want a long-lasting paint job, always use neutral colors because they will never look dated. They are a popular choice because with neutral colors, you can switch around decorations, artwork and even accent colors.

Contact Our Interior House Painters

No job is too big or too small for our expert artisans. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction. We will improve and enhance your home with the highest quality paint job. If interior house painting is your next project, Call us at 201-582-6663 or 845-213-3188 or email us at ed@edspaintingconst.com

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