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In today’s world, a lot of work goes into preparing a home for sale. Home staging requires taking into consideration many factors, including house paint. With a little thought, the right paint colors can attract buyers.

Exterior Colors: When choosing exterior colors, consider the environment and other features of the home such as the roof color, stonework, bricks and other elements. Colonial-style homes often look good with white exteriors and ranch-style homes are more appealing with more color.

Living Room Colors: The key to living room color is to combine warmth with neutrality. Warm colors are inviting and give a living room a little more character than plain white walls. Some good neutral colors include creamy whites, muted beiges and light gray tones.

Kitchen Colors: Bright colors work great for the kitchen. Some great colors for the kitchen are pale yellows, light olives, warm beiges and soft grayish blues.

Bedroom Colors: Bedrooms are designed for relaxation. It is important to choose colors that are soothing, calm and soft. Some appealing colors for bedrooms include eggshell whites, beiges, lighter grays, lighter yellows and lighter olives.

Bathroom Colors: The right approach for choosing bathroom colors is to select colors that emphasize space such as warm whites, which are great for making bathrooms look larger than they are. Avoid dark colors.

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