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Residential House Painting

Residential House Painting Services

Residential House Painting Services in Rockland County, NY and Bergen County, NJ

At Ed’s Painting & Construction, we believe in offering house painting services that deliver the quickest, most efficient and least disruptive paint job possible. As a highly-respected interior painting contractor in New York’s Darien and Fairfield Counties, we continue to uphold that philosophy every day and on every project.

We Protect Your Furniture and Appliances While Painting Your House

Our painters pride themselves on respecting you, as well as your home or office. Cleanliness is of utmost importance to us. Ed’s Painting & Construction painting crews specialize in clean work practices, ensuring the site remains spotless and undamaged. We protect furniture, equipment, art, appliances and fixtures. We use high quality, freshly laundered drop cloths. We segregate our work area, and always mask off doorways to contain dust. At the end of the day, our crews leave everything clean, tidy, and out of the way so you can continue your routine with minimum disruption.

Residential House Painting Services in Spring Valley, Nyack, Nanuet in NY

Our painting crews are composed of select, hand-picked painters who take pride in their work. They are courteous, friendly professionals who uphold the Ed’s Painting & Construction guarantee of excellence and precision craftsmanship. To know more, call 201-582-6663/845-213-3188 or email at ed@edspaintingconst.com.

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