Preparing for an Exterior House Painting Job

Preparing for an Exterior House Painting Job

Exterior house painting is a big project, and it is extremely important to be prepared before painting the exterior of a house. Good preparation is key to a successful painting job. Hiring a contractor will ensure that the exterior house painting job is meticulously done beginning with good preparation.

How do professionals prepare for an exterior house painting job?

Wash the exterior

Professionals give the exterior of the house a thorough wash from top to bottom. They use water to wash the wall thoroughly and use additives when there are mold and other stains. After the wash, they ensure that the exterior is dried for at least 24 hours.

Scrape loose paint

Scraping away old flaking paint and dirt is important. Professionals make sure that they scrape away the old paints every nook and corner. They use a wire brush to scrape away paint in hard to reach areas.

Apply caulk before painting

Professionals apply putty and caulk to fill into the nook and crannies. This also erases vertical junctions, cracked seams, nail head depressions and any other imperfections.

Make repairs when needed

Professionals repair any damaged or rotten areas before starting the painting job to ensure that the painting work does not intrude.

Apply primer before painting

Professionals prime the bare and exposed areas, which have been thinned, peeled, or blistered. This seals the bare wood and makes the surface ready for a new paint job. If there is a very rough spot, professionals use a light sanding to smooth the surface.

Trim nearby bushes and plants before painting

Professional trim bushes, trees or plants that are in the way so that there is enough space to work without being hampered. This also keeps the freshly painted walls from being scratched from the bushes.

Clean gutters and downspouts

Professionals clean and prime gutters and downspouts before painting. They ensure that any rust or paint that is peeling is removed with a scraper.

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Exterior house painting is an investment that will increase the value of your home. Ensuring good quality exterior home painting is important. At Ed’s Painting & Construction, we understand that preparation is the most critical part of an exterior house painting job. If you need exterior house painting done, you can get in touch with us. Call us at 2015826663 or 8452133188 or email us at ed@edspaintingconst.com

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