Below are some painting tips and techniques to make your room appear larger:

  • Choose bright colors: Light colors can make the room appear larger, but brighter colors can also achieve the same results. Choose a clean looking color rather than one that appears muddy.
  • Paint moldings white: Painting moldings and trims with a white or off-white color adds depth to the space making walls appear further away. Painting them in a high gloss white color helps in reflecting more light, and it also gives the room a modern look.
  • Choose a monochromatic color scheme: Painting your trims, walls, and ceilings different shades of the same color. The consistency of the color will make your space appear larger.
  • Choose colors that reflect light: This will make the room feel bigger.
  • Use quality paint: Choose a quality paint product, low quality paints have a chalky look and makes the room look smaller.

In order to make a room appear bigger avoid colors that do not reflect light. It is best to use light colors rather than warm colors such as red, dark blue, dark purple, grey and brown because they do not reflect light. Choose the right color or color combination that makes a room look more spacious. Below are a few options of colors that one may select to create a room that looks large.

  • White With Accents
  • Citrus Tones: A subtle shade of lemon, soft banana, or a pale creamy yellow.
  • Sea Shades: Lighter blues and greens, sea foam green, emerald, rich forest green, or glass bottle green.
  • Pretty Pastels: Light pink, mauve, peach, and lilac or lavender.

If you are looking to paint the interior of your home and want to create a more spacious look to any room contact Ed’s Painting & Construction. Our professional painters will enhance the appearance of your home.

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