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Painting the interiors of your house is always fun and interesting. Whether you are painting a brand new house or repainting your old one, a fresh coat of paint is like a breath of fresh air. It can transform your place and give it a whole new look. Here are some color ideas you can consider. These shades continue to be among the all-time favorites with interior designers, and might just be what you are looking for if you are not sure about going with bold colors or if you are looking for something milder to complement your brighter rooms.

Palladian Blue
Palladian Blue is a classic color that is easy to live with. It is a soft, airy blue that combines the blue sky with a touch of mother-of-pearl. It gives a calm and relaxed feel to the room. It can be used in any room. It can cool down a sunny room or create a tranquil bedroom.

Garden Stone
Garden Stone is a warm shade of gray that has stood the test of time and remains an all-time favorite. If you want to stay away from colors with heavy blue undertones, then this is the color for you.

Manchester Tan
Manchester Tan suggests the striking sandstone façade of the historic Manchester Town Hall. It is a neutral shade that is more on the khaki side. It is warm and neutral, and changes with the light in the room. It is classic and elegant.

Compatible Cream
If you are looking for a yellow that is not too sunny, Compatible Cream is the perfect shade for you. It is warm, inviting and very flexible. It is an easy color to coordinate with other colors in adjoining rooms.

Intense White
Although it is white, Intense White gives off a grayish tone and provides a subtle contrast to a white trim. If you are someone who is not too keen on bold colors, then this is the color for you. It is inherently sophisticated and endlessly versatile. It has subtle nuances of white that suit tranquil, serene environments.

Sprout .06
This is a beautiful color for ceilings. It is not too pink, but reflects flatteringly on everyone in the room. It is sweet and soft and is suitable for nurseries as well.

Decorator’s White
This color is for those who like a crisp, clean feel. It has the most brilliant pure white undertones. It is a color that can enhance the mood and atmosphere of any living space. This is one color you can pick with confidence.

Essential Gray
Essential Gray works best when paired with a white trim. It gives a clean and sophisticated backdrop and projects a sense of warmth.

Wool Skein
Wool Skein is a neutral shade of yellow. It is mild in tone and imparts a warm touch. The best thing about it is that it goes well with all the other shades in your living space.

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