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Interior House Painting

Interior House painting is the easiest and most inexpensive way to renovate a home.  A coat of paint enhance the look of your home.

Choosing Colors for Interior House Painting

Colors create ambience, and selecting the right colors defines the mood of the room. However, choosing the right color for the walls of the room is not an easy thing to do.  Here are some ideas that may help you choose paint colors for your interior house painting project.

  • If you want to create a warm and cool color scheme, choose one predominant color and another accent color.
  • Choose a darker shade for long and narrow rooms and a brighter shade for wider rooms.
  • If you want to reduce the visual weight, go for solids and simple patterns and neutral colors. Otherwise, bold patterns and intense colors are good for adding more visual weight.
  • If you have a small room, choose light-colored paint. It will make the room look spacious.
  • Avoid darker shades for the ceiling. Light-colored ceilings will attract attention as well as make the room look bigger.
  • Before finalizing a color, always check how the colors look in daylight as well as in the night, because colors have a different appearance under different lighting conditions.


  • Red:A strong color that creates a warm and inviting atmosphere. When used on the walls it gives the room an energetic feel, while it displays confidence when used on the floors.
  • Pink: When soft hues of pink are used on the ceilings it gives of a vibe of comfortability. It works great for a girl’s room. Vivid pink tones create a more dramatic look and is great for more special spaces.
  • Orange: Soft peachy orange tones are warm. Bright tones are energetic, burnt orange shades are rich and warm, pastel oranges are cheerful and lively. This color is great for bathrooms.
  • Brown: Mid-tone and dark hues can evoke richness, warmth and comfort. Soft hues are natural and create a neutral backdrop for furnishings. This color works best for floors it implies durability, stability, and reliability.
  • Yellow: Golden yellow hue creates a warm aura. It is useful in poorly illuminated and dim spaces.
  • Green: Green is an excellent color for interior environments, especially when involving concentration and meditation.
  • Blue:  When used on ceilings it can create a cool and heavenly look. The room feels soothing when used with pale to mid-tone shades.
  • Gray: Gray is a great classifier. It is very classy and makes things seem more exclusive.
  • White: White indicates delicacy, refinement and sophistication. It is great for ceilings.

Interior House Painting by Professionals

  • A professional painter helps you choose the best type of color, pattern and style for each type of room.
  • Professionals ensure that the walls are cleaned nicely and conceal exposed ductwork.
  • They place a drop cloth to protect the floors.
  • Remove all furniture and other wall hangings from the room.
  • They make sure that you choose the best quality of paint for the best results.

Ed’s Painting and Construction-Interior House painting company you can count on

Your home is more than just a house—it’s your castle, your comfort, and an expression of who you are. The right residential painting company and paint colors can make all the difference, and our house painters have the know-how and experience to transform and enhance your home’s appearance.

At Ed’s Painting and Construction, we know what you need. Our team has been rigorously trained to specialize in all painting jobs. Our team members are well informed of the number of coats and minor repairs that occur during a paint job. We have all types of different painting tools in our arsenal. Therefore, our team always comes well prepared. Team members are specially trained to work all jobs no matter the variance in height and each member participates in all safety precautions when completing a job. Our team prides themselves in always cleaning up after every job, being well organized and ensures that the house is ready for you to re-enter once the job is completed.

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No job is too big or too small for our expert artisans. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction. We will beautify your home with fine finished paint work. If you have interior home painting as your next project call us at 201-582-6663/ 845-213-3188.

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