Interior house painting changes the whole look of a home, but when not done correctly, it can be a disaster. Knowing the right techniques and doing it in the best possible way will not only give a beautiful finished look, but also prevent chaos.

Interior house painting techniques:

1. Cover or remove your furniture

Remove or cover your furniture in order to avoid any kind of paint stains in the furniture or other product.

2. Lay cloth or plastic on the floor

Cloths or plastic, if placed on the floor, will save you from excessive cleaning after painting, as the floors will be saved from paint drops.

3. Choose the right color and brand

Take time and decide upon the right color of paints. Choose a good brand as well.

4. Clean ceiling and walls

Dust, dirt, and grease spots on the ceiling and wall can ruin the paint, and it will not display smooth result. Clean the ceiling and walls for the best results.

5. Cut in around edges

Beginning at the corner of the room, use a two-inch or 2.5-inch trim brush to “cut in,” applying a three-inch strip of coating along the perimeter where the wall and the ceiling meet. Cut in a section at a time, interchanging between cutting in and painting the ceiling to maintain a wet edge and avoid a visible line between the cut-in area and the rest of the ceiling.

6. Rolling the ceiling

Before painting the ceiling, remove excess paint on the roller by slowly rolling it back and forth over the edges of the paint tray. Then paint the ceiling, starting from an extreme corner.

7. Painting the walls

Once your ceiling is dry, return to the spot where you began painting. Use a trim brush to carefully cut in along the wall-ceiling line. Extend out three inches from windows, doors, and moldings. Once you’ve cut in around an entire wall area, use a roller to fill in the field.

8. Painting the trim

Once the walls are dry, place painter’s blue tape where the trim meets the wall. Paint the moldings, baseboard and the door and window frames with a two-inch angled brush. When painting your trim, paint the tops of the doors and windows first and work your way down so that you can remove any runs as you go. Paint your baseboards last.

9. Clean up

If you would like to view a perfect spotless and brand new result, take the effort to clean up after the painting.

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