Painting a bedroom needs careful consideration. The color of your bedroom should reflect your personality. Also, keep in mind the size, shape and lighting of the room before selecting a color for your bedroom.

Basic Color Kinds

The 3 most common ideas for the type of paint colors chosen for a bedroom include neutral, cool and warm colors.

Neutral colors

The colors that fall under this category are beige, brown, skin color and gray. These are the colors that reflect comfort and solace in your bedroom. Also, these neutral colors will create a better look if your bedroom has other elements like furniture and accessories that are bright in color.

Warm colors

Orange, yellow, and red fall under this category because these colors tend to be brighter. The use of bright rich reds and warm browns can help to create a sultry and romantic mood. Using gold tones can add a sense of luxury. Strokes of a bright shade will turn your bedroom into a space emitting optimism and add vibrancy and energy to your bedroom.

Cool colors

The colors that fall under this category are all pastel shades like light purple or light pink, blue, and green. These colors tend to have a very soothing effect on your mind, and can make you feel calm and relaxed.

Combinations of Painting Color Ideas for The Bedroom

Apart from the three common kinds of colors, there are also some great combinations of interior painting color ideas for your bedroom.

Shades of Pink

Pink has been a color often associated with a young girl’s bedroom, but it can look good in a master bedroom as well. There are many shades of pink that can bring vibrancy and life in your bedroom. One idea is to paint one wall of the bedroom with a hot bold shade of pink and use a light pink color on the other three walls. The same rule goes for purple as well.

White and Yellow

Warm colors like yellow can be paired with white fabric and accessories. Adding some white murals on the wall can make the room look cheerful.

Blue and Green

These are very soothing colors. Painting the ceiling sky blue and the walls light green will give your bedroom a unique look.

Creative Ideas for The Bedroom:

Stripes, stencil patterns, sponge painting and textures can add a touch of style to any bedroom.

  • Painting a colorful mural in a child’s room for a personal touch, either on the wall or ceiling.
  • Smaller patterns lend themselves to a more traditional look; larger geometric patterns, bold stripes and sweeps are compatible with a more contemporary look.

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