Selecting the exterior paint color

The exterior of a home is an extension of your home’s personality. It can create quite an impact on the entire street, putting a lot of pressure on the homeowners when they have to choose a color for their exterior. Giving the exterior of your home a face lift is the best way you can make a big impact. Don’t hesitate to take a little extra time when selecting exterior paint colors for your home.

Tips on deciding the exterior paint color for your house

  • The architectural style of your home – Consider the architectural style and the era from when it was built. You will want to complement the color to the style. Many major paint manufacturers have a historically accurate collection of paints. You do not have to strictly adhere to the historical guidelines unless codes for your home and neighborhood specify otherwise.
  • Spending a little more will go a long way – Investing in premium paint is a wise choice. After all, the exterior of your home will have to stand the test of durability. It will need to resist stains as well as withstand the forces of nature.
  • Use technology – There are online tools available that can assist you in matching colors, and coordinating them. It will give you the chance to play and experiment with color combinations online and help you visualize your home after it is painted.
  • Try out samples – Buying test samples of paint will help you get an idea of what the finished work will look like. Be sure to put some paint color on both north and south sides of the house where the lighting can be different. Sampling paint at different times of the day also will give you a more accurate idea as to how it will look after you’ve painted it.
  • Choose three or more different paint shades – An exterior scheme has three major parts: field color, which dominates; accent color, which brings doors, shutters, and other small areas to life; and trim color, used for window and door casings, roof edging, railings and other trim work. Painting the exterior of your house in these three different shades will make your house stand out. Many paint brands have preselected coordinating color palettes you can choose from.
  • Make it complement the landscape – Apart from the architectural style of your home, painting the exterior of your house to complement the surroundings of your home will create a beautiful look. Whether it is a beach home, mountain home, or tropically inspired, use colors from around your home to decide on the exterior paint color.
  • Choose colors that appeal at all times of the day – The exterior of the home is what is viewed most of the time. Choosing a color that is soothing and will make your home stand out from the surrounding landscape is important.
  • Other considerations – While selecting the exterior house paint, most homeowners forget to look at the other existing materials, such as the roof, or brick look. Even bricks differ in their hue and tones, so it is important to consider all that while deciding on the overall color scheme.

Having trouble deciding on a color? Call Ed’s Painting Today!

Are you contemplating on painting the exterior of your home? Our expert professionals will guide you and help you choose the color that is most appropriate for your home. We are happy to take you on the journey to transforming your home.

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