Do you have a home office, which you want to touch up with a new paint color? Then contact Ed’s Painting today to paint your home office and create an atmosphere for you to take care of business. If you’re having trouble selecting the perfect paint color for your home office don’t worry you’re not alone. There is more to choosing a paint color than you think. Ed’s Painting will work with you to pick the paint color that fits your personality and business.

In order to select the perfect paint color for your home office, you must first understand color psychology. The colors that surround us interact with our brains in a different way and prompt different effects. Different colors also create distinguished ambience that represent us.

Let us look at some colors:

  • Red : A strong and powerful color, mostly known and regarded as a color of love. It has also been shown to stimulate the brain. Since it is such an intense color it is advised to use red as an accent color. This will heighten the look of your home office without creating too much intensity in the room.
  • White : White may be an uninteresting color, however, it can be used strategically. One of the benefits of using this color is that it makes the room look more spacious. If your home office is in a dark and confined area, painting it white will illuminate the room giving it a spacious look, while at the same time lifting your spirits.
  • Yellow : Yellow creates a feeling of enthusiasm, which is good to provoke more activity and thinking in your home office. It also makes your more optimistic as it stimulates your ego and spirits. This color will allow you to be more creative.
  • Blue : A calm and peaceful color. It is the most common color chosen to paint a home office. It is often associated with good things, such as a clear blue sky or water.
  • Green : A hue of earthy tones, that not only compliments the primary color but tones it down as well. Green is also linked to more broader thinking and more creative thought. So if you want to be more productive think about painting your home office green.

Choosing the right paint color for your home office is the most important part of the painting project. You must select a color that creates a mood and atmosphere that sparks creativity and productivity in your home office.

Do you need a house painting contractor?

If your next project is painting your home office, contact Ed’s Painting. We will help you create the perfect atmosphere for your home office by advising you with color selection and painting it precisely the way you want it. Call us today at 201-582-6663 / 845-213-3188 or email: ed@edspaintingconst.com / info@edspaintingconst.com.

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