Choosing an accent color, be it to paint the wall or ceiling or simply to furnish a room, can be a very important task when painting your house. Giving an accent color to any room along with its main color gives the room definition, and brings life into that space. There are endless possibilities while selecting an accent color, as every room has a different story to relay and a unique style statement to make.

Few of the tips which would help to find the right color choice

Consider the lighting:

Lighting is an important factor that should not be overlooked. Some rooms are naturally bright during the day, whereas some require artificial light even when the sun is shining. Be aware of how your chosen accent color will look at different times of the day and under different lighting conditions.

Consider the main color:

Always select an accent color that complements the color in the rest of the room.

Play neutral:

Keep in mind that bright “pops” of color are not the only ones that will act as great accents. Plain rooms can be accentuated with neutrals like silver, pewter and gold. Colors like gray or brown can make a room seem cosier and more intimate, while white, cream, and yellow can “open up” a small space. It is interesting to know that neutrals, when used with high contrast, create eternal looks and can bring life to your paint job.

Need help in choosing your accent color?

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