The exterior of your house is exposed to the elements such as rain, sun and dirt, and requires more attention than the interior. If you are wondering how often you should paint the exterior of your home, there is no set timeline since every home and surface is different. However, there are a few signs to look for when deciding whether to repaint:

Wear and Tear

If you see any signs of paint bubbles or cracks, it is time for a paint job. Wear and tear of this nature often occurs because of an improper paint job, dry rot, mold, or time and nature may have degraded the surface. When the ravages of wear and tear on exterior walls become obvious, it is better to repaint as soon as possible. The longer the problems remain, the more damaging the consequences will be.

Fading Facades

When the paint starts to fade, your home looks older and less vibrant. This is a sign that you need a new paint job. Lighter colors do not fade as quickly as darker colors, so if your home has a darker exterior color, you may want to be on the lookout for fading sooner rather than later.

Cracking Caulk

Over time, caulk becomes brittle and loses elasticity. This causes it to crack and break, which can make your house look untidy. When you see that the caulk is coming off, it is an indication that it is time to repaint.

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