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House painting can be quite a repetitive job and choosing the same old white color for your walls can add to the monotony. Choosing a right and trendy color is a great step towards a more colorful living. So, brighten up your white walls and change it from drab to colorful.

Here are the paint color trends for 2016.

Lilacs and Purples

Many people assume these colors are too childlike, but when used correctly they can add a level of sophistication and warmth. Pairing these warm shades with cool tones, such as grey and blue makes a room look elegant and engaging. Unexpected combinations give a soothing and satisfying feel. These colors look best in west facing rooms especially bedrooms and sitting rooms with a view.

Great Blue

Blue is a crowd-pleaser and is always a good choice. The soft shades of blue with slight hints of gray gives a sophisticated look to the room. It especially works for small spaces. You can try this shade in bedrooms and hallways.

Parma Gray

Parma Gray is actually quite an extraordinary shade of blue, with a good deal of lavender in it. It can be used anywhere, with black or white accents to set it off. This is a very serene and sophisticated color and at the same time strong and bold.

Pink Ballet Slipper

It is a romantic color that warms up the feel of the room. It does not look too young especially when combined with metallic tones, like antique brass or bronze. A shade of teal with this pink adds sophistication.

Funky Yellow

This yellow is very uplifting. It has a yellow with a green base that adds a warmth to it. It can be combined with plum, mauve, or burgundy.

Sage Green

Sage green hues are always popular because they work like a neutral while still adding a little color to a space. This shade also gives a soothing effect. It will look best in bedrooms, home offices, dining rooms and kitchens.

Great Gray

Gray is timeless but can sometimes be mistaken to give a cold feel to a room. This version has warmer undertones, which create a comfortable feeling. It also makes a great backdrop for art or framed photographs. This shade looks best in living rooms, kitchens, and home offices.

Call Ed’s Painting to paint your house

At Ed’s Painting & Construction, we ensure that every professional job is completed in a timely manner. If you are planning to paint your home and want to give it a trendy look, we can do it for you. Call us at 201-582-6663/845-213-3188 or email at ed@edspaintingconst.com.

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