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How to Identify a Great Interior Paint Job?

How to Identify a Great Interior Paint Job?

Here are some tips to help you identify a great interior paint job:

Check the joints and edges: One of the best ways to spot a better quality paint job is to check the straightness of the paint at the joints and lines. The cleaner the lines at the joints and edges, the better the quality of your paint job.

Check the fixtures, knobs and faceplates: A quality interior paint job will be evident around your fixtures, faceplates and knobs. There should not be any drips or splatters of paint on these items. If the paint spreads smoothly to the edge without leaving any paint on these items, it is a great paint job.

Check the walls: A professionally skilled painter will carefully patch any scrapes or dents on the walls and put primer on the area. To ensure that your wall is well-painted, look at it from an angle where the light reflects off it.

Check for even color coverage: A better quality interior paint job will provide consistent colors and coverage. However, if the paint has been improperly applied, you may see roller marks, patches of thin coverage, splatters, dips and tiny spots that were missed.


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