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Exterior Painting

Exterior painting enhances the appearance of a house, whether it’s newly constructed or old. It is also a quick and easy way to refresh and brighten up your home. However, with different color options and painting schemes now available, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect color(s). Contact Ed’s Painting & Construction for your home exterior painting project. We are an experienced professional painting company. We are an ideal company for someone looking to improve the outlook of their home without having to make major renovations.

When should I paint my house exterior?

Painting the exterior of your home should be done during ideal weather conditions to produce the best painting results. The ideal weather for exterior house painting is 70°F and partly sunny. To achieve quality results, the professional exterior painters at Ed’s Painting& Construction will suspend outdoor work only if the weather forecast predicts greater than a 50%chance of unfavorable weather.

Top paint colors for your house exterior

When deciding on a paint color for the exterior of your home, there are many different aspects to consider such as your neighborhood, the style of your house, roof, color, and so on. Below are the top colors for exterior painting that are common:

White: This color can make a good impression in several different ways, depending on the style of your home. With a white hue as your backdrop, you have the option of adding pops of color with landscaping, shutters, and trim.

Neutrals: When you think about neutrals for an exterior paint color, think about the word “nature.” The colors found in nature, even in your own yard, can be an inspiration for your home. Greens, yellows, taupes and beiges can work wonders. If you have a coastal home, brighter blues and greens match up beautifully with the ocean.

Dark/bold colors: If you don’t prefer white or neutral colors, then dark, bold colors may catch your eye. Many homes can pull off dark or bold color schemes elegantly. If you want a darker paint color for your home exterior, then dusky grays and blues can balance well with lighter trim and shutters, while also giving your home a rich depth.

Does your home need exterior paint work done? Contact Ed’s Painting & Construction.

Ed’s Painting & Construction is currently a top notch professional exterior and interior painting company. Our painting jobs are made to last, and are done with the highest quality possible.We provide services for both residential and commercial exterior house painting. Contact us today at 201-582-6663/ 845-213-3188 or Email: info@edspaintingconst.com/ ed@edspaintingconst.com.

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