With the number of paint contractors available, it is important to know a few things before entering into an agreement. Mentioned below are steps paint contractors should follow when painting a house. Ask if they contractor follows these steps before hiring them.

  • Getting the Wash: Whether it’s a hand wash or pressure wash, it is important to wash the surface before painting. This ensures a clean and smooth painting surface.
  • Surface preparation: This involves scraping, peeling, filling cracks and sanding the surface. A paint shaver can remove all paint.
  • Painting: This step involves painting the surface which was washed, scrapped and prepared for paining.
  • Clean up: This is one of the most tedious activities. After the painting is completed, the painting crew cleans the mess. All the paint material, chips and trash are cleaned away.
  • Inspection: The painting contractor or the crew inspects the painted surface before ending the job. The owner does the final inspection and approves or disapproves the paint job.

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