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Tips from exterior house painting contractors at Ed’s Painting & Construction

Exterior house painting is a great way to improve the look of a home. However, choosing the right exterior paint color is not easy. When you are planning and getting ready to put your house on the market, adding the right paint color to the exterior of your home can increase the resale value of the house. The visual appearance of the home’s exterior is extremely important to the resale value. Therefore, when choosing exterior paint colors consider what will appeal to the buyers.

The following are some color choices that are preferred by a majority of people:

White or Off-White: White or off-white exterior paint colors look good on any home style and any landscape. A majority of people are drawn to classic white homes and they always make a good first impression. Using darker colors for the shutters and trim will add contrast and appeal to your home.

Light or Dark Gray: Gray is another color that people really love on the exterior of their homes. When you paint your home’s exterior dark gray, it allows you to use lighter colors on the trim.

Putty or Warm Taupe: Putty colors and taupes are other popular choices for your home’s exterior when preparing to sell. These colors blend in well with the natural surroundings and can create a warm and inviting environment.

Soft and Light Yellow: The right shade of yellow can create a welcoming and cheerful exterior. It is important that you do not end up choosing a yellow that is too bright. Soft and light yellow will draw buyers in. It will also highlight the landscape and the curb appeal. For a more classic look, stick with a white trim.

Shades of Green and Brown: Various shades of green and brown are great exterior house paint colors because they can easily blend in with the surrounding landscape. If your house is located in an established neighborhood, the darker the shade, the better. If you would like to add a little more color then it is advisable to mix in some red with the shades of green and brown.

Blue-Gray: Blue-gray colors are reminiscent of water. If you are looking for a rich color, then blue-gray might be the answer. Blue-gray colors are safe, rich and beautiful exterior paint colors. When you pair it with a white trim, your home will evoke the cottage home feel that may appeal to many buyers.

Contact Ed’s Painting & Construction for Exterior House Painting

With different color options and painting schemes now available, it can be overwhelming to decide on a perfect color for your home’s exterior. Contact exterior house painting contractors at Ed’s Painting & Construction to help you decide the right color. We are an experienced professional painting company.

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