Painting a house before selling it is definitely a profitable idea as the investment would obviously yield good results. However, it is also important to know what colors would be best for giving your house an expensive look.

Factors to Consider while Choosing a Color to Paint the House

Once you decide to paint your house before selling it, a few things need to be taken into consideration. Let us have a look at what they are:

  • While painting the interior of the house, do not ignore the exterior.

    Never forget about the exterior of your home as painting the exterior helps in attracting prospective customers. However, choose the colors sensibly as exterior paint gives the first and strong impression of a house.

  • Consider neutral colors to catch the attention of a wider variety of buyers.

    A wrong color painted in a house can turn a buyer off, so its best practice to choose a paint color which is in neutral shades. Selecting such shades increases its probability to be liked by different kinds of potential buyers hailing from different walks of life and of differing age groups. Also, neutral does not mean white and beige shades. Get creative and keeping in mind the different moods each color creates,, use pastels or even browns, greens and bolder colors to highlight your home.

  • Keep in mind the furnishings and decorations the house holds.

    Consider your home as a backdrop which sets the stage for the furnishings and decorations that give rooms their unique feel. So, while picking the paint take into consideration the fact that the decorations and furnishings too need to match profoundly with the walls.

    Things to remember while picking up Color

  • Character of the neighbourhood:

    In picking a color, keep in mind the character of a neighborhood. Never paint your house in a too contrast color than the houses on the street. Also, consider the herbs, trees and shrubs when shopping for a color.

  • White:
    Choose Colors like White to paint exteriors as it is a safe and popular color. It also can make your house look larger. White also gives a clean look as it soaks up the light. One advantage of using white is that if a white painted surface is trimmed with another color, the whole house pops up. Also, white is a color which comes in many shades.
  • Do not overlook the roof:

    Roofs can be painted in brighter colors like red and green unlike the classic colors of black and grey, as it is a major selling point, if we try to make a statement with color.  By choosing an interesting color that complements the exterior, a roof can catch a prospective seller’s eye.

  • Different colors for different rooms:

    Use colors like orange, red and yellow families for the kitchen as they are food related; however, make sure that they are painted in soft, appealing and neutral tones. The bathroom can be painted in light yellows or tans. As the room tends to be smaller and a darker color would make it more so. For adding colors to bathrooms, one can accessorize it with soaps or towels. In the bedroom, try and stay away from bright colors. The home office can be painted with warmer, richer colors as it gives a welcome feeling to it. Colors like cinnamon, dark brown or even dark blue can be used as these colors give an area of work and relax.The living room can be painted with pale beige with a blue tone or a beige tone with a green tint that exudes energy.

  • Do not miss the great outdoors and your garage.

    Paint your basement and garage and give them a warm look with a neutral color like gold, as these are otherwise cold spaces.

  • The Color to Avoid

    White is the color to avoid if you are using it to paint the interior of your house completely with this color.

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