exterior house painting

Exterior house painting is a major project which consumes time, money and labor. To get the best results, quality should not be compromised. While cheaper paints can save you money, they can lead to more time, more labor, dull colors and a shorter wall life. High quality paints can last up to 7 years longer than cheaper paints. Therefore, it will save you money in the long run and spare you from any disappointing results. Here are the benefits of using high quality paints:

      Better pigments:

    High quality paints contain “prime” pigments which provide better color retention and stronger durability. They conceal the original wall color and any imperfections in fewer coats than cheaper paint.

      Easier application:

    High quality paints apply more smoothly and evenly than cheaper paints and gives a cleaner, more consistent appearance. In addition, touch-ups can be done easily and cannot be detected.

      Spatter resistance:

    Lower grades of water-based paints tend to spatter a lot during application. Good quality paints are not as likely to spatter. This makes clean-up faster and simpler.

      Stain resistance:

    High quality paints can prevent dirt and grime from sinking into and staining the wall surface. This makes cleaning easier.

      Scrub resistance:

    High quality paints are tougher than cheaper paints. Therefore, they can withstand scrubbing and repeated washing.

      Stick resistance:

    Newly painted doors and windows can stick when pressed together. High quality paints are less susceptible to sticking.

      Mildew resistance:

    High quality paints are made with quality mildew-resistant agents so the chance of unsightly mildew is greatly reduced.

      Fade resistance:

    High quality paints can maintain their fresh appearance for years.

      Less blistering, flaking and peeling:

    Quality paints have better adhesion. This prevents blistering, flaking and peeling.

      Better color retention:

    Quality exterior paints keep their ‘new’ look for years.

    Want to repaint your house exterior? Contact Ed’s Painting & Construction

    The exterior of your home is the first thing people see so make sure that their first impression is positive. At Ed’s Painting & Construction, our paint jobs are done with the highest quality paints possible. If you are looking for an exterior house painting service in Paramus, New Jersey, call us at 2015826663 or 8452133188 or email us at ed@edspaintingconst.com

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