How many coats of paint are required for a greater result? This is a question often asked to painting contractors by home owners. The answer is “it depends”. The number of coats required to achieve your desired result totally depends on which part of the house you are painting—interior or exterior. It also depends on the condition of the wall, and the color and quality of paint being used for the project. These factors play an important part in achieving the results of deeper beauty.

Exterior Surfaces

Exterior surfaces are exposed to many elements such as sunlight, dust, rain and occasionally harsh weather. One coat of paint may cause the paint to peel or fade due to these conditions. A double coating allows the paint to last longer and produces better results.

Interior Surfaces

Durability is very important when it comes to interior painting, but coverage should be the biggest concern. In general, two coats is a good rule of thumb. However, the number of coats required for the best result depends on these factors:

  1. Painting the same color on an interior Wall: If you are not changing the color but are simply re-coating your interior wall, then one coat will be good enough.
  2. Changing the color on an interior wall: If you are making a significant change in color, such as painting a bolder color over a milder one two coats are required to achieve smoother results. However, if you are painting a lighter color over a darker one, then you may need to apply primer to the wall, and apply more than two coats.
  3. New drywall: If you are painting on a new drywall or if you have repaired the drywall and need to paint it, you will definitely want to prime the wall before painting it. The bare drywall requires more paint, so for a better result apply one coat of primer and two coats of paint.

Quality of Paint Makes a Difference

The quality of paint used also plays an important role in producing a deeper beauty in the interior or exterior of your home. Unfortunately, low quality paint does not hide well and may require multiple coats of paint to get proper coverage and better results. High quality paint has better pigments, better resins, better additives and more solids. So, with high quality paint even one coat may give you the results you desire—deeper beauty!

House Painters in Spring Valley, NY

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