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About Us

Ed’s Painting was founded and is currently a top notch professional exterior and interior painting company. In addition, the company has experience in assisting in a variety of different housing services. Ed’s Painting keeps the customer in mind and only offers professional and friendly service to current and potential clients. Ed’s Painting is the ideal company for someone looking to improve the outlook of their room or home without having to make major renovations.

Ed’s Painting always offers a free consultation or free estimate to anyone interested. We value our current and future clients. We offer extremely affordable rates that are second to none. We know that you will love us! Therefore, all paint jobs come with a warranty. We are experts in our industry, so you will be enjoying the best service that money can buy. Make your home beautiful again and contact an Ed’s Painting agent today!

Ed’s Painting proudly endorses its hard earned credentials, such as, the appropriate license to practice, certification, and necessary trade degrees. Ed’s Painting Company not only has the top qualifications but the company also offers the best rates, all in an effort to best suit your needs and current budget. If you are looking for long lasting and aesthetic results then pick up the phone and call Ed’s Painting Company today.

Our company knows painting. Our team has been rigorously trained to specialize in all painting jobs. Our team members are well informed of the number of coats and minor repairs that occur during a paint job. We have all types of different painting tools in our arsenal. Therefore, our team always comes well prepared. Team members are specially trained to work all jobs no matter the variance in height and each member participates in all safety precautions when completing a job. Our team prides themselves in always cleaning up after every job, being well organized and ensures that the house is ready for you to reenter once the job is completed.

Ed’s painting also provides additional services, such as, Light carpentry , wall papering , deck construction, and Waterproofing Basements


Ed’s Painting wants to assist you with your next carpentry project. Our team can take care of all your project needs, such as, the installment of new cabinets, handrails and the repair of wood surfaces. Our team is capable of turning that damaged wood surface of yours into a beautiful new surface. Our carpentry jobs will reshape the appearance of your home, raise the value and have it looking beautiful once again.

Need to install of wallpaper in your residential home? No problem. Our team specializes in pre-pasted, straight vinyl, and embossed. No matter the type of wallpaper our team can hang it. Do you need to install wallpaper into multiple rooms in your home? Our team will love to assist. It is important to remember that hanging wallpaper takes skill. In order to avoid a mess or potential damages it is critical that you employ a professional whose craft specializes in the installment of wallpaper. Our expert team at Ed’s Painting is glad to help and we can also assist in the selection of the best type of wallpaper for your home.

The Ed’s Painting Team that services New York & New Jersey also has vast amounts of experience in general masonry, and our work is fully insured. Our team offers traditional stone along with brick masonry services. If you need assistance in your next masonry project don’t hesitate to contact our team of professionals. We would love to help. Ed’s Painting is considered to be one of the most trusted masonry contractors in all of New York & New Jersey. Our company cares about customer satisfaction. Therefore, Ed’s Painting Company always guarantees everything in writing, so the customer is never misled.

Deck Construction

The Ed’s Painting Team of New Jersey specializes in professional deck construction. The integration of a professional built deck can completely change the appeal of your home. A deck can be a great gathering spot for family, friends and guests. It can be the next place for a barbeque, party or a place to relax and get fresh air after a tough day of work. Enjoy the beauty of outdoors in the comfort of your own home and employ Ed’s Painting to construct your very own professional deck.

At Ed’s Painting our team specializes in making you a deck that not only looks good and is affordable but a deck that is also safe and secure. Our team will always consult with you about the design of the deck before completion. Contact Ed’s Painting today for a free consultation!

Are you ready to finish your hardwood floor? Ed’s Painting is waiting for your call. At Ed’s Painting our team can finish, restore, or preserve your hardwood floor through our floor finishing techniques. It is never acceptable to allow scratches or dents that ruin your once gorgeous hardwood floor. At Ed’s Painting we promise to make your floor beautiful again. Even if it is just a touch up it is important to buff and recoat your floor so that all scratches and blemishes are removed. No matter the condition that it is in Ed’s Painting will make your floor look brand new again.

At Ed’s Painting, the professional house painting service in New York & New Jersey, we ensure that every professional job is completed in a timely manner.

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